Witches, Warlocks & Druids.

During a visit to Rome I was amazed at the history all around you everywhere you looked.  On return to the UK I mentioned this to a friend of mine, he loves the outdoors and everything outdoorsy.  The friend stated that whilst the history in Rome was amazing we were surrounded with history ourselves, you just had to look beyond the obvious.  My friend knows the recent difficulties I have been having regards my mental health and was the one that initially suggested getting out walking, I like walking but have to have something to look at or an end goal to reach.  For anyone who has suffered from depression, anxiety or stress related illness I can fully recommend getting out in the fresh air for a good long walk, this really clears the head and installs a good aspect of positivity.  However; my friend did not just recommend getting out for a walk on this occasion, he also recommended a specific place stating that the energy there is something special and that you can feel this energy flowing through you.  Sounds a bit far-fetched hey? I know it did to me.  My friend is a Tai-Chi and Chi-Gung instructor and has been teaching me for the last 20yrs.  If you have never tried either of these I can highly recommend this as well.  The place that my friend had recommended I visit was a place called ‘The Nine Ladies’.  The nine ladies stone circle is a magical ancient monument in Derbyshire, England.  I actually live in Derbyshire myself and could not believe I had never heard of this place.  This particular monument is located on Stanton Moor and is owned by English Heritage.  It is an extremely popular place for tourists, walkers, Druids and Pagans.  This is a Bronze Age circle that contains nine upright stones (Nine Ladies) and just to the South is a small standing stone – The Kings Stone – this place dates between 3.000 – 4.000 years old the colosseum in Rome I believe is about 1.938 years old, so pre – dates this maybe by 2.000 years.


English Heritage Link:   https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/nine-ladies-stone-circle/history/


The place is still used regularly today by Druids and Pagans alike, for many different ceremonies.  Pagans who visit the site use this as a place to relax and soak up the nature, some conduct rituals there.   My first visit here was fantastic, I had never been to one of these stone circles before, the walk was lovely.  When I arrived with my friend nobody was there, colored ribbons around the old oak trees and offerings of crystals and flowers in the center of the circle.  As I approached the circle I could feel a strange energy like a magnetic feeling pulling me towards the circle, remember I am a true sceptic with things like this but the feeling was nothing I had ever felt before and soon you begin to smile and feel at peace with yourself, it’s a good energy not anything weird or abnormal, it felt natural and empowering, I knew this had to be a very special place.  The sense of tranquility around it, the sense of history, everything stimulates the senses.  When you stand in the center of the circle that strange feeling envelops you, the magnetized pull, the uplifting sense of wellbeing.  After this initial trip I have visited on many more occasions, people want to go back, the feeling is something you want to feel again and every time you feel that same feeling as the first time.  There are other stone circles nearby but for me this one has to be the best!  Derbyshire is often overlooked by tourists but believe me it’s very much worth it and if you get the chance to go or have ever been you’ll know exactly what I mean.


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